“Living like an Italian”

Have you ever been captivated? Have you ever found yourself passionate about something unexpected? 

Passion is a strange thing. I believe everyone has at least one thing they hold to such high regard that can be described as a passion. Mine is seeing the world. I crave to travel, to experience the different cultures and ways of life all around the globe. This is my captor. 

Somewhere in Italy, I must have indulged in a glass of wine so amazing that it’s effects still linger in my mind. I still find myself stunned by the architectural monuments that can be found anywhere from the biggest capitals to the smallest villages in the Italian countryside. These relics have stood the test of time and offer a glance back in time to a world that once was. The picturesque piazzas teeming with people going about their everyday life, the narrow alleys leading to the heart of the old town squares, the way the  wine invokes a smile because it’s so damn good, the overwhelming beauty of the people and the land. For me, Italy fulfilled the age old saying of “Love at first sight”.

The following images document a short time “Living like an Italian”  

Miami Photographer, Rolando Diaz

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